About CareBag

A CareBag is a bag designed for daily use, which helps protect and preserve our environment, being made by safely recycling and reusing undeployed airbags. CareBag is not just a green brand but also the mission of a continually growing community.

What is the goal?

CareBag's goal is to neutralize undeployed airbags in an isolated environment and to neutralise the toxic sodium azide contained in them. All this in order to produce, during the recycling process, an environmentally friendly product useful to everyone, making environmental protection fashionable!

How does an airbag become a bag?

  • Airbags left undeployed during the life cycle of a car are removed from the vehicle, detonated under supervision, in a controlled environment, in a special container intended for this purpose.
  • This advanced, electronically controlled process takes place in a 10-foot special container that can safely neutralize approximately 30 airbags within 3 minutes.
  • Airbags thus detonated will serve as the raw material for our bags.
  • During the procedure, the sodium azide from inside the airbags is neutralized.
  • Every single CareBag bag is hand-sewn by our colleagues.

Why use a CareBag?

The Earth is slowly disappearing into a sea of plastic waste. One of the prevalent dangers is the use of disposable plastic bags. Most plastic bags are not recycled or collected. The majority of them are released into nature. Such a bag is used for an average of 20 minutes and it takes 400 years for it to decompose. By using a CareBag for a long, extended period, we are not generating waste.  Both the production and the use of CareBags contribute to maintaining a sustainable environment. 

If it is important to you to do something for the environment, you can take pride in this! The use of a CareBag on a regular basis encourages more people to do something for their environment.

Social Responsibility

Purchasing every CareBag product contributes to protecting our environment.

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